How to obtain and redeem a promo code? [Android]


How to get a promo code?

Occasionally promo codes will be available for use during special promotional events. You can also receive a code via SMS, Libon messages or on Facebook & Twitter, so make sure to follow us. Please note that it is not possible to purchase promo codes.

How to redeem a promo code?

  1. Open your Libon app
  2. Select Promo code from your app menu 
  3. Enter your code and tap REDEEM (make sure to respect the uppercases and lowercases)
  4. Once you’ve entered the Libon code, your bonus will be immediately added to your Libon account and you can start calling!

The promo codes are valid for a set period of time. If the code you have tried to redeem does not work then it has most likely expired.

Remember that each unique promotional code can be redeemed only once.

If you have an issue with your promo code, please contact us via our side menu ( Help > ✉ Report a problem)

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