How to top-up with Libon minutes? [iPhone]


With Libon minutes, you can make cheaper calls to landlines and mobiles all around the world (more than 140 destinations) even if your contacts don't have the Libon Application installed!

Many Libon offers are available to give you the possibility to call different destinations. Simply choose the offer that suits you best and top-up with as many minutes as you want.

  • From your Libon application, click on the purchase icon at the bottom right of your screen
  • Then press on Select destination and select the country you want. Enter the name of the country you want to call in the search bar
  • Select the offer you prefer (some destinations are included in several Libon offers) as well as the number of minutes you would you like to buy
  • Sign in to the iTunes store with your Apple ID and follow the payment instructions displayed by your app store
  • Your purchased Libon minutes will be automatically added to your Libon account and you will also receive an email from the Apple Store confirming your purchase.



  • Your Libon calls are billed per second
  • No connection fees and no hidden costs
  • No expiration date for your purchased minutes



  • The limit of purchased packs is 20 packs/month/account Libon
  • The available offers and destinations may vary from country to another, please check the list of available offers directly in your Libon application.
  • The Libon offer is not available in the following countries: Slovakia, Romania, Moldova.

Enjoy your calls with Libon!

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