How to top-up with Libon minutes? [iPhone]


  • From your Libon application, click on the purchase icon at the bottom right of your screen
  • Then press on Select destination and select the country you want. Enter the name of the country you want to call in the search bar
  • Select the offer you prefer (some destinations are included in several Libon offers) as well as the number of minutes you would you like to buy
  • Sign in to the iTunes store with your Apple ID and Follow the payment instructions displayed by your app store
  • Your purchased Libon minutes will be automatically added to your Libon account and you will also receive an email from the Apple Play Store confirming your purchase.



  • The limit of purchased packs is 20 packs/month/account Libon
  • The available offers and destinations may vary from country to another, please check the list of available offers directly in your Libon application.
  • The Libon offer is not available in the following countries: Slovakia, Romania, Moldova.

Enjoy your calls with Libon!

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