Better understanding of Libon bundles

There are different types of bundle on Libon :

  • Regional offer:

This type of offers include many countries, to check the list of countries you can call you can call with an offer, simply tap on "Countries" under the description. For most of the countries, you can call to landlines and mobiles but for some of them only landlines or mobiles are included.

Under the description of the offer, you have also the number of your contacts you can call with this offer. Tap on "Contacts" to access the list of your contacts reachable with this offer.



  • Country offer:

This offer include only one country. In the description, you can check if it includes landlines & mobiles or only one of them.



  • Carrier offer

These type of offers associate a country with a specific carrier so you can only for example Orange numbers in Mali or Smart numbers in the Philippines. Before topping up, you can check if the contacts you want to call is compatible with this offer but taping on "Contact" under the offer description. And if you don't have the number in your address book, you can check the prefixes included in the offer by tapping on "More details".



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