What is a Libon voucher and how to use it?

We are already selling e-Voucher in France. It's the best way to top-up your account without credit card.

There is the vouchers list:


10€ +1€ 🎁 
20€ +5€ 🎁 


How to use your voucher and redeem your minutes?

Once your PIN code is in your hand, you can top-up your account for the country of your choice: 🇸🇳, 🇲🇱, 🇨🇮, 🇦🇴, 🇵🇭, 🇨🇩, 🇲🇬, 🇧🇫,... 

  1. From your smartphone, go to recharge.libon.com
  2. Enter your PIN code and validate it
  3. You will be redirected to the Libon application
  4. Choose the country you want to join
  5. Choose the package of your choice
  6. Confirm your choice
  7. There you go, your top-up is confirmed and you're ready to make a call 👍



On Android, you can enter the PIN code directly from the Libon application without going through the website

Amount of minutes depends of the bundle

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