[3D-Secure 2.0] I can't purchase on Libon app, why?

🛡️ Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2)

The revised Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) aims to better align payment regulation with the current state of the market and technology.

It introduces security requirements for the initiation and processing of electronic payments, as well as for the protection of consumers' financial data.

The security of your payments & datas were always a prority on Libon. For this reason, we decided to add the 3D-Secure authentification for your purchase in the Libno shop since 2017.

This PSD2 deadline, September 14th 2019, was a great opportunity for us to improve the user experience and the security. That's why, we focused to implement 3D-Secure 2.0 for higher security.

🛣️ New behavior during the purchase flow

Since August 2019, the flow evolves. It was mandatory to change it to provide the level of security we wanted to reach for you.

🆕 After you fill the form, when you're clicking on PAY then Libon is opening a webpage in your browser for the 3D-Secure part. This page is open in an external browser like Chrome, Firefox, ...

It's MANDATORY to finish the confirmation of your purchase in this page and not in Libon application. If in midtime, you return in Libon before the end of this validation, you pruchase is canceled

New flow step by step

A tutorial is available in our FAQ. Just follow the link, if you want to know more:

Click here to consult the tutorial


💡 Few tips to solve the common issues

Lot of users had issues during the 3D-Secure flow and  they're encountering new error messages.


Here are 5 tips we learned during our discussion with our users:

  • "When the webpage is loading, the page is staying white and I can't see my bank's webpage🥶"
    ➡️ Try with another web browser like Firefox


  • "I made a purchase with my credit card 😱 but I didn't receive my minutes, what's going on?"
    ➡️ If you didn't see the green popup of successful purchase, there isn't transaction in your bank account! This transaction was canceled before the end. Check our tutorial and try again


  • "My 3D-Secure validation is done by SMS but the purchase didn't work 😫"
    ➡️ Stay in the webpage: When the SMS is received, you'll see a notification. Read the code in the notification directly but don't open your SMS app. By staying in this page, you'll reduce the risk of mistake


  • "My 3D-Secure is in my bank's app but after I filled my PIN code, the purchase is canceled ?! Why?😵"
    ➡️ After your validation in your bank's app, you have to go back in the webpage NOT Libon app. If you go back to Libon directly, the purchase will be canceled


  • "I followed all your tips but I'm still blocked, I can't make any purchase in your app 😡"
    ➡️ It's possible to buy minutes on our website at the same price: https://www.libon.com

🐞 Troubleshooting

If you are still having trouble buying, our team will answer your questions via Facebook Messenger or by email (Help menu in the application)!

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