Quelle est la meilleure offre pour moi ?

Some destinations are sometimes included in many Libon offers, so here's some tricks to pick up the best one for you:


  • From the Libon dial pad:
  1. Tap the phone number you want to call
  2. Based on the phone number, Libon will show you all the compatible offers that you can purchase if you tap on the box on the top right of your screen.



  • From the contact list
  1. Select the contact you want to call
  2. Tap on the small box on the bottom right of your screen. Libon will show you all the compatible offers with your contact's phone number! If your contact has different numbers, tap on the box in front of the number you want to call.




To find out more about Libon offers, click here!


Enjoy your Libon calls!

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